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Hello! Welcome to NMartworks! NMartworks simply means original art by artist Nirali Mehta.

I do both hand drawn as well as digitally drawn and painted artworks. My art, illustrations, paintings and designs are available both offline as well as online at my shops. I have been selling at various marketplaces including Etsy, Society6 and Redbubble. I consider myself fortunate to have sold my artworks in India as well as abroad.

‘NMartworks’ is the name of my shop. It is my initials ‘NM’ followed by what I do, that is ‘Artworks’. I wanted a name that is simple and easy in all languages and at the same time conveys what I do. I also use the tag #artistniralimehta on the Internet.

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NMARTWORKS – Original Art by artistniralimehta

Art is my passion. I have been drawing and painting since childhood. Trained in Art, I cleared Intermediate Art Exam with an ‘A Grade’ and a merit rank. I have also participated in various Art competitions and won prizes as well. The highest award that I won is silver at ‘Shankar’s International Art Competition’. Further, I took up training in various art mediums and art styles during my holidays. I have worked at and know at least 30-50 different arts and crafts.

Formally trained in Graphics, 2D and 3D animation, Sound Editing, Video Editing, Web Designing and Digital Marketing I started work as a graphics designer in 2007. I learnt a lot on my journey from being a team member to the head of department – computers during my university days. First with a company and then as a freelance graphics designer I worked on various projects to design business stationery and banners. I then continued to learn more softwares and take up design projects as well.

After completing my Master’s in Business Administration I worked as a manager with a company for 15 years. After a few years, I completed my Master’s in Intellectual Property Rights Management. Hence, I am not only the artist at NMartworks but also the owner and manager. You could say, I wear all the hats here. I run this shop from a small studio that I have set up at home.

My name ‘Nirali’ means ‘Unique’ which is also my style. I bring this combination of talent, skill and experience to my shop where I sell my art, illustrations, drawings and paintings. I believe people like to buy Art that makes them happy and they connect with. So you could even say I am trying to spread happiness with my Art. My Artworks would be suitable for Contemporary Style Decor and Interiors- both Personal and Commercial Spaces.

I also share my knowledge and experiences in various Arts and Crafts on the Blog Page on this website. There are 60 posts on this date.

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A creative mind that enjoys doing all Arts from large ones like Canvas Paintings and Stainglass Art to intricate ones like Nail Art. Trained in Fine Art, Commercial Art, Digital Art and even Culinary Art. I was blessed to have encouraging and supportive Parents. They not only helped me pursue my interests but also excel in my endeavours.

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