Art with Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! This post is in continuation with the previous one. I shared about Resin Art, Fluid Art and Art with Alcohol inks in my last post. I now have some additional inputs on that topic. Sharing them in this one.

I learnt that alcohol inks work best on a special paper called ‘Yupo Paper’. Heard it for the first time? Honestly, it was new to me as well. I knew alcohol inks work best on impermeable surfaces. But the real fun is when we use them on Yupo Paper. The inks stay nice and bright.

What is this Yupo Paper? These are sheets that look and feel like paper but are actually plastic. More like opaque OHP sheets. ‘OHP’ if that rings a bell in your mind. Do you remember? Those projectors that we used before PPT presentations became our daily desk items. Yes! They are made from a synthetic material called polypropylene.

Alcohol Inks by ‘Little Birdie’ and Yupo Paper by ‘JAGS’

I had already bought inks by ‘Little Birdie’ and so I used them. Alcohol Inks and Alcohol Blending solution by JAGS is also available and I found it better and affordable. This isn’t any promotion. I bought the material and used it for my art project. It is only my experience that I shared.

Certain washable inks can be cleaned once we write or draw on them. It works great for learning to write as an erasable paper. They are recyclable. I bought a pack of 5 sheets by a brand called ‘JAGS’. They have an amazing Art store that stocks a lot of variety at affordable prices. I wasn’t prepared to spend too much on something that may or may not turn out well. Hence I picked the smallest pack.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper – Art that I painted

Then when I sat to paint with alcohol inks on Yupo Paper, I realised how cool this combination is. The inks stay on them longer, they drip well and then the alcohol blending solution does it’s magic. Steer them with a heated blower – hmm I meant a hair dryer. Last but not the least, stick gilding flakes to the areas with ink lumps. The ink is naturally tacky so the flakes stick easily. Clean off the extra. This should add that golden sparkle.

It makes a great background for most surfaces. Products also look good with these designs. Or simple Art Frames with abstract art. How do you plan to use these? Share them in the comments below. I made a card with them to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Happy New Year greeting
Greeting using the art as a background image

I am back at my desk after a short break. It means the blog posts will now be regular like before. Will be back with more art and craft ideas. Have an Arty Week!