Rangoli Art

Diwali is here! Diwali is an Indian Festival celebrated for 4-5days. Like every other Indian Festival this one has a story too. It was a celebration when Prince Rama returned home after completing 14yrs in exile and defeating his strongest enemy Raavan. So his whole Kingdom – The Kingdom of Ayodhya (then included India) was decorated with lights and colours to celebrate his arrival and victory. We also celebrate a New Calendar Year. Everything is closed for the Holidays just like Christmas- New Years. We exchange gifts, sweets, wishes and celebrate.

Rangoli Art
Diwali theme Rangoli – Ram Sita

My favourite thing about Diwali is ‘Rangoli’. These are artistic designs we create on the floors with materials like rice paste, flowers, coloured salt, white or coloured stone powder or paints. Almost every home and office makes these designs at the entrance. It is believed to attract positive vibes. Different types of Rangolis :-

1) Floating Rangoli with Flowers and Floating Diyas

2) Rangoli made using petals of different Flowers

3) Rangoli from Quartz or Stone Powder

4) Kolam – White Powder usually but can be coloured also

5) Alpana – White Paste from Rice flour or Paint

6) Readymade Rangoli

They are different in terms of the material used and the designs. I have tried my hand at all of these at some point of time. Beginners can try the flower ones and floating ones. They are relatively simpler. With a higher level of difficulty one can try Kolam and Alpana and then of course the traditional regular colourful designs done with coloured powder. Shading and making realistic paintings are of the highest difficulty level.

Rangoli Making
The making of my Ram Sita theme Rangoli Art

We get various tools that help us in making the Rangoli. We also get stencils to assist the process. More so we even get ready made stickers or Rangoli pieces to assemble. One such variety is the the one with decorated acrylic pieces or cardboard pieces. These are just to be placed on the floor as per your choice.

‘Art remains, only the tools keep changing’

However I don’t get my creative satisfaction until I make one like the traditional ones with coloured powder. The Internet is overflowing with tutorials and designs for Rangolis. I do browse through to find some ideas and inspiration, then add my hard work and special touch to them. That is why I say ‘Art remains, only the tools keep changing’. Sharing my Rangoli Art works.

Rangoli Art
Rangoli Art – I made these too 😀

Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! I do have some Digital Downloads at my Etsy shop with Diwali designs. Creative Adults are all children at heart. So here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Children’s Day too! Have an Arty Weekend!

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