The Perfect Blend – Exams & Coffee

What is Coffee got to do with Art? 😀 My young followers have exams coming up at schools, colleges and universities. Coffee will be their best friend keeping them up studying late nights. Just like a good coffee is all about the blend. Art is also all about blending and having the right combinations. All set? Prepared?

A coffee cup with my design available at my shops – NMartworks

I will do posts on ‘Latte Art’ and ‘Coffee Painting’ later after exams. This post is to wish them ‘All the Best’. No last minute advice or instructions before the exams. Just go out there and do your best. A sweet follower wrote to me saying she has her art exams coming up and my posts were helpful in preparing for them.

artist at coffee table
An artist sketching at a coffee table – Image from Unsplash

I am so glad the posts were helpful. I am sharing links to some of them once again as they have been pushed off the main blog page due to the space limitations. The posts might be of interest to the new readers or followers who just joined and missed the previous posts. I will put a search the website option once I do a few more posts.

Wishing everyone all the best with my coffee theme cards

I made them using Coffee theme stamps, Black Ink archival ink stamp pad, Watercolour Markers and Brush Calligraphy Pens. Here’s a very extra special tip that one must always remember :- You can paint with Coffee but you can’t drink Paint Water. Hehe..Just to lighten the mood. Have an Arty Weekend!