My first Art

“What is the easiest drawing to begin with? I want my child to learn drawing, where and what should I start with?” This is a question I am asked often. In this article I will share two different drawings that are simple and easy for a child to begin with. These were the first pictures I learnt to draw and colour as well. Yes! I said colour and not paint. That brings me to the selecting the Art material.

Paper: Use large sheets. Drawing a small circle for an adult is often a big circle with the movement of hand for children. They tend to fill up colours better in larger drawings. Further use a sheet of paper that is prone to high erasing. I often used box board (white duplex board) sheets as my drawing paper during my earlier days of learning.

What else do I need? A good pencil and a good eraser. A new pencil that is big is better for grip. If they are still learning to hold a pencil it is all the more important to have a pencil the child would be comfortable using. Use a slightly rounded tip pencil, meaning don’t sharpen it to a very pointed tip. This would ensure the paper doesn’t have dents after erasing the extra lines. Now for the Colours – I recommend using Oil Pastels. I didn’t say crayons nor did I say paint. Oil pastels of any good brand but a large number of colour shade options. The more colourful picture they can make the better. Since they don’t know much about mixing shades, having more shades in the colour box helps the child make a nice attractive drawing. Now that you are ready with the materials let’s decide a topic.

1. Under the Sea

2. My Home

Under the Sea Drawing for Kids
My Home drawing for kids

I have shared a drawing for each topic. You may use it as a reference or idea to begin with. Once the pencil sketch is ready, colour it in your own way. Sounds easy! So let’s begin to draw 😀 Do share your finished Art piece with me, I would be happy to see it.

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Nirali is an Artist doing Art and Illustrations both hand drawn as well as digital. She is a trained professional with good work experience in her field. She masters various art styles and has shops on Etsy, Redbubble, Society6 all three by the same name ‘NMartworks’

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